Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said City Hall has police power to lay down rules in entertainment events held in private places, as an event organizer reportedly questioned the local government’s authority to set the rules on its event to be held at the Davao Crocodile Park.

dalisayKat Dalisay of Manic Nigthnings Production reportedly also accused city councilors of violating “ freedom of expression”  and called them “hypocrites” in a post in her Facebook account. Dalisay posted the insults after attending a meeting of the Kadayawan Festival executive committee on Wednesday which discussed her application for special permit for her  “ Kadayawan Invasion Rave Party” and for listing of the all-night party as an event of the forthcoming Kadayawan Festival in August.


City councilors reportedly grilled Dalisay about security matters, tax obligations and behavior of participants in her coming event.

We have police power to intervene events in private places, said Duterte, who is the acting mayor with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on leave.

JOKENINGDalisay apparently took with deep frustration her experience at the city council committee hearing.  

To make matters worse, Dalisay also posted in her Facebook account an  advise to those wanting to join the “rave party” to wear “long sleeves” because “being sexy”  in Davao City is banned by the local government.

Dalisay’s events are said to be attended by thousands of young Dabawenyas many of them coming in sexy two-piece outfits.

On ABS/CBN’s TV Patrol yesterday, Duterte said he received reports about drugs being peddled and beer being sold to minors in parties organized by  Dalisay’s outfit.

He said that Dalisay has no security plan for the event, and feared the outfit could not handle the situation if trouble erupts.

City Hall has banned street parties for  security reasons during the Kadayawan over reports of terrorists planning to mar the annual festival with violence.

In the ABS/CBN news program, Duterte  also said he was informed by the City Treasurer that Dalisay also failed to settle tax obligation for past events.

Duterte said he has asked the Davao City Council to calendar participation of Dalisay in its Tuesday session.

He warned that he would revoke the business license of Dalisay if the event organizer is found to have been remiss in its tax obligation and if her events violated city ordinances on anti-smoking and the ban on selling of liquor.

The television program also showed Dalisay asking forgiveness for her Facebook post, which has been deleted.


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