Duterte-for-President movement unstoppable

They may have been treading the wrong direction for months, but the Pilipinas Duterte 2016 movement is not troubled by reports that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may run in 2016 for vice president and not for the top post of the land.

       The movement since late last year has been going around the country in a signature campaign to convince Duterte to run for president in the coming national elections.


The movement, headed by Davao City village chair Mar Masanguid, claimed it has so far gathered about 10 million signatures..

       It makes no difference if he slides down to the vice presidency. What is important is that the country needs Duterte and he should run for a national position, said a source, who asked anonymity, who is privy to the movement’s activities.

       He said the movement could in fact contribute to Duterte’s campaign if he would run only for the second top post.

       The millions of people who joined the signature campaign for Duterte to run for president would be the same people who would support him in a vice presidential run, said the source.


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