Kadayawan ‘no-nos’ in the City of Don’ts


durian beatIn this ‘City of Don’ts’ prohibited acts mandated by local ordinances and policies must be followed to the hilt even during a major celebration like the Kadayawan Festival when rules are supposed to be loosened up a bit because everybody is on celebratory mode.

JOKENINGLet us count the woes!

No street parties. No backpacks. No parking in parade routes. No smoking. No reprieve in liquor ban. No firecracker explosions. No firearms. And more!

Davao City councilor Edgar Ibuyan said all-night street parties inIBUYAN past Kadayawan celebrations are among the no-nos of the celebration.

Ibuyan, a member of the festival executive committee, also said the ‘no backpack’ rule on people congregating at major events remains in force.

Parade routes would be free of vehicles, on fear, Diyos ko!,  one of them could be a car-bomb to blow up Dabawenyos and their guests into smithereens.

Dabawenyos trust their Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to handle everything but they are not confident about the 3 out of ten possible-to-happen  rating he gave to President Benigno Aquino’s premature “raw” report about terrorists planning to carry out ugly things any time in Davao City.

Authorities are on their toes to secure one of the city’s major tourism come-ons, which was horrifyingly preceded by Aquino’s raw report that terrorists are planning a dirty job.

Street parties, big crowd-drawers for all-night drinking, dancing and music, are of the past. Authorities said limited number of law enforcers needed to watch the parties would take a strain on over-all security efforts.

The parties would also lose one of its come-ons: drinking liquor and beer. An ordinance demands selling, buying or drinking intoxicating beverages comes to a dead-end by 1AM. So what for is an all-night street party without beer?

The father of the ‘City of Don’ts’ Mayor Duterte says the liquor ban stays.

And he gives hints he has more don’ts hidden in his sleeves.

Whatever was implemented in the past, we implement now. Maybe, we will add something more,” he added.

Firecracker explosions, a loud signature for merriment, is taboo. The anti-pyrotechnics ordinance is in effect year-round.

Smoking in public is also a no-no. It is banned 24/7. The guy next to you could be a deputized anti-smoking spy who could bring you to the police to be booked for violation that metes a fine of up to P1000.

The only act that may not be prohibited is morbid: a terrorist, God forbids,  sneaking into a crowd to explode a bomb.

     That is if the devil could breach the tight security cordon that Mayor Duterte ordered police and military to be set up around the city as it celebrates Kadayawan.

And there’s one more. This one especially for foreign guests.

During the culminating events where thousands converge at the Rizal Park where the Pamulak Grand Floral Float Parade and the Indak-Indak Street Dancing contest wind up, there will be no special chairs for foreign tourists at the covered Eagle’s Stage, which serves as a viewing deck for the city’s special guests.

If foreigners want to see the events, they will have to mingle with the hoi polloi — the bisdak, the natibo, New People’s Army rebels, MNLF & MILF fighters, pickpockets, mashers, etc., etc., — at the roadsides.  


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