Davao City as model city under ‘President Duterte’


While Davao City Mayor  Rodrigo Duterte repeatedly and vehemently denies he is running for president in 2016, he titillates with hints he would establish an “extremist” government once he sits in Malacanang.

On Sunday in his television program, he acted presidential by saying Davao City would be a model city of his “administration” to showcase the wonders of his extremist governance.

Nevertheless, for the nth time, he stressed that he would have none of the presidency.

“Assuming that I would be a president, then what would I do there?” Duterte asked in his Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa Sunday television program on ABS/CBN on June 20.

In the same vein, however, Duterte again took a presidential stance warning that extreme things might happen if he is elected into the highest office of the land.

Duterte, known for his iron-fisted governance in his city, earlierjapanese-tunnel said that if he is elected he would form, like what the late President Corazon Aquino did after the People Power revolution in 1986,  a “revolutionary government,” and would close down Congress and have all government employees from top to bottom resign their posts.

“Manila people said Duterte is an extremist. Maybe they are not wrong,” Duterte said in the program.

He added that if anybody wants to see the products of extremism, then they must look at Davao City.

 duterte-for-president-20161Spreading like wildfire

 Masanguid group to flood Davao Region with Duterte streamers

More than two years ahead of the 2016 presidential elections, organizers of Pilipinas Duterte 2016 movement has started a campaign aiming to make Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the next president of the Philippines.

  But the activity will not be luring votes but signatures to convince Duterte to run for the top post in the coming polls.

       Organizers may appear to twit the Commission on Elections (Comelec) but there will be no violations of the Omnibus Election Code on its provisions on early campaigning.

       The Code is violated if the campaign is done outside of the campaign period set by Comelec for an election period.

durter for president 2Mar Masanguid, head of the movement said they will flood the Davao Region soon with posters and streamers with a call urging Duterte to run.

We have already established chapters in all the provinces andduterte-for-president cities of the Davao Region, said Masanguid. The group has already gathered 7 million signatures, according to Masanguid. He said earlier that the movement is gunning for 9 to 10 million signatures, with high hopes the number could convince Duterte to run.

       Duterte has repeatedly said that he is not interested but the Masanguid group is undaunted and has continued the signature campaign that as gone to the Visayas and as far as Baguio. The movement has already covered a large part of Mindanao.

       He said the concept of Duterte running for president was warmly received in all the places the group visited, with many other groups volunteering to establish their own chapters.

Masanguid said that more than a hundred Muslim leaders, mostly village chieftains from the province of Maguindanao, gathered in Davao City recently to join the call for Duterte to run for president.

The village chieftains came from the towns of Boldon, Pagalungan, Datu Piang, Barira, and Shariff Aguak, Masanguid said.

No to DILG post

rody Mayor Rodrigo Duterte emphasized his stand on a recent call for him to be named as the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG),  saying he is not interested on that position.

“What makes me fit just because Mar Roxas is unfit for the job?” Duterte asked in his his television program Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa.

Earlier, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption Chairman Dante Jimenez was quoted as saying that DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is “unfit for the job,” and that “it is time for the country to try Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.”

“I am not interested,” Duterte pointed out.

According to Duterte, the previous administrations have also offered to him various positions in the national government, adding that he refused to accept even one of those presented.

“President Ramos once wanted me to take the same position when former Secretary Rafael Alunan left. President Estrada also offered to me that position, and also as commissioner of customs, but still I refused,” Duterte said.

“President Arroyo also wanted me to be the defense secretary, but I did not accept,” Duterte explained.

“Why would I want a troubled life,” he pointed out. MANILA BULLETIN



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