FATHERS DAY 2014 SPECIAL: Davao City battered husbands told: STAND UP VS. TERRORIST WIVES!

battered-husbandThey wash the dishes. They cook. They do the laundry. Tend to the children. Bring the kids to school. And worse they get insulted in public….by their wives.

The days of the battered husband in Davao City may be numbered.

estorpeA group espousing “men’s rights” has surfaced to save the battered hubby from the most cruel of experiences for a male specie in this universe: being insulted, crucified, laughed at and joked about by friends and neighbors because they don’t have the heart and courage to stand up to a partner of Hitlerian blood.

Husbands have rights, too, said Rene Estorpe, president of Men’s Responsibility on Gender and Development (MR GAD).

Estorpe bared at a recent news conference in a hotel in Davao City, that MR GAD was hurriedly established only recently during a secret  ‘invitations-only’  all-male bull session. MR GAD was joyously welcomed by the participants, mostly battered husbands who, of course, came without their wives.

In what appeared to be a call for war urging batteredDOG BIG hubbies to stand up against dictatorial queens of the house, Estorpe, in the news conference, dished out an advice if the king of the house is under siege by a husband-battering deranged mad dog of a wife.

Run to the village council to file a complaint, said Estorpe, village chair of Barangay Agdao in Davao City.

It is time for battered husbands to come out in the open, said Estorpe, who frankly admits he is not a battered husband.

His village of about 7,000 males is widely known as a war zone for domestic quarrels.

But Estorpe, who knows about many battered husbands in his village, is wondering why only two cases of battery had been brought as a complaint before the village justice mediation board.

Fear, he said to explain why husbands keep their hellman in fear to themselves and endure the suffering in the hands of a satanic partner. Estrope said he pitied battered husbands but said he could not do anything if no husband with a black-eye and murdered ego come to him to seek help.

He said a mediation by the barangay government is the best solution to domestic conflict including wives beating their husbands black-and-blue. But Estorpe hopes there oughta be a law that would ensure protection of battered husbands from terrorist wives who have the blood of the Abu Sayyaf running in their veins and demonic brains.

As it is husbands have only four options when the woman of the house goes wild.

JOKENINGHe can run to the barangay hall and hide behind the back of the barangay kapitan or a barangay tanod to protect against a pursuing al Qaeda bomber, stay in the house and endure the brutal torture, leave the house and flee to the top of Mt. Apo or launch his own counter-attack which could lead him to jail.

Estorpe cringes at the fifth option: husbandsknife committing murder! NGEEEKKK!!!!!

The Philippines has the Act on Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) that women conveniently  use as legal remedy against abusive husbands.

There is no law protecting husbands against satanic wives.

If there is a law on women’s rights, there should be a law for men’s rights, said Estorpe. ROGER M. BALANZA

(Revised version of same article published in durianburgdavao on April 17, 2012)

joker 2



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