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Santa Janet

Some time ago, pork scam queen Janet Napoles said there was a name that should not be in her Napolist of lawmakers who earned kickbacks from her PDAF racket.

This was before she submitted to the Senate blue ribbon committee a sworn affidavit naming twenty senators and more than 100 congressmen.


An investigation is still ongoing in the thievery of public money involving P10 billion over a span of more than two decades.

We would not be surprised if at the end of the day the investigation would turn up with a list a mile longer than the Napolist of Napoles.

It would not also shock us if Janet  would also backtrack from the sworn affidavit she submitted to the Senate where she named only 20 senators and just over a hundred congressmen.

So one of these days, we might hear Napoles saying this: Ayyyy! Mali!! Hindi pala biente lang yong mga senadores. Lahat pala. Ayyy! Mali!!! Hindi pala sandaan lang yong mga kong. Lahat pala sila!

joker 2Janet Napoles has been crucified over PDAF to the point that she has become a celebrity that even that thing between her legs is subjected to much speculations.

But the Filipinos should thank the woman despite her sins. Without her, the massive plunder of the public coffer by no less than the highest officials of the land could not have been unearthed.

We believe that Napoles is not about Murphy’s law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

We are tempted to think that the devil himself — shamed by the greed of gargantuan proportions above and over the limits of satanic depravity  – sent down Janet from hell to stop the plunder.

We are also inclined to believe Senator Miriam Santiago who saidsantiago that the hand of God played in the filing at the Sandiganbayan of plunder raps over PDAF against senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla.

But we also think God did more than that. We believe that it was God who sent down Napoles to earth to save the Pinoys from  plundering, rapacious  crocodiles.

Napoles’ bombshells unearthed the biggest scandal in the country involving massive thievery by government officials that spanned nearly two decades!

The impact of her revelations made the Pinoys aware of the thievery, led to drastic changes on how the government should protect public money and sowed fear on crooks in both the government and private planning future robberies.

Just imagine the billions of pesos that could now be protected from corrupt officials  because of a Napoles.

She had done what all the anti-graft bodies had not done all these years.

She should be a saint to Pinoys.

So how about calling the woman as Santa Janet?

She can be the patron saint of whistleblowers.JOKENING


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