Sexciting scenes in Gigi Reyes appearance in PDAF scam Senate probe



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Miram: Is Juan’s, mmmm, still alive? Is it 12 o’clock na gid? 3 o’clock pa? or waay na gid kay 6 o’clock na!

How far will Senator Miriam Santiago go in questioning Atty. Jessica ‘Gigi’ Reyes, if the alleged paramour of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is put as a witness on a chopping block in a hearing by the Senate ethics committee probing into the P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam?

Will she go personal and dig into her sex life with  Enrile – Miriam has repeatedly with excruciating painful emphasis called the 90-year old veteran senator as “tanda,” (very, very old in Pinoy speak – and ask questions like:  Is Juan’s, mmmm, still alive? How long? Is it 12 o’clock na gid? 3 o’clock pa? or waay na gid kay 6 o’clock na!

Gigi, the former chief of staff of Enrile, secretly flew to the US three months ago as her involvement in the PDAF scam surfaced but she slipped back into the country on Black Saturday.

The coming home of Gigi bears exciting – and sexciting and salaciously pornographic — days ahead in the probe by the ethics body headed by Senator Teofisto Guingona. If Miriam would have her way.

Gigi is alleged to have received commissions for Enrile, the Senate minority leader,  from PDAF scam queen Janet Napoles who siphoned PDAF funds to ghost projects of non-existing NGOs and doled out kickbacks to senators and congressmen who recommended the projects.

Senators are urging Gigi to be a state witness to tell all.

Gigi could satisfy public clamor which could be exciting: she could establish the truth abo ut her boss getting a pie from the PDAF scam and the amount involved.

The sexciting part is that Gigi could also satisfy Miriam’s thirst for truth about Gigi — Enrile’s junior by more than 30 years — being the paramour of the “tanda” senator. She would also have the chance to ask Gigi to confirm the admission of Enrile’s wife that she (Gigi) had an affair with the senator.

Miriam described Gigi as the fall guy of Enrile and she could take revenge against her boss by turning state witness.

Earlier this month, the Ombudsman found probable cause to file plunder charges against alleged pork barrel mastermind Napoles, three senators — Enrile and Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla — and several others including Gigi.

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