emars wavepool

Quitain wants win-win solution to Emars Wavepool Resort’s woes

Davao City Administrator Melchor Quitain said City Hall is “pragmatic’ about resolving the issue of the Emar’s Wavepool, Resort & Restaurant, a popular resort closed down two years ago for lack of business permit.



We are seeking a win-win solution, said Quitain who emphasized that the local government was not being anti-business when it stopped Emar’s operation.
Quitain advised Emar’s to take a first step to revive discussion on its appeal to re-open the facility in Times Beach, Matina, Aplaya.
First, it should appeal to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to recall the closure order issued by then Mayor Sara Duterte, said Quitain.
Emar’s shares its woes with Queensland Hotel which has built a Baywalk reclaimed from parts of a 24-hectare Reservation Area owned by the city government.
In the previous Davao City Council, then city councilor Arnolfo Cabling, environment committee chair,tackled the Emar’s and Queensland issues and recommended lease of the property.
The issues are now being handled in the 17th City Council by councilor Leah Librado-Yap, chair of the sub-committee on housing for special projects. Quitain said City Hall is awaiting the action  of Librado-Yap on the lease recommended by Cabling.
Until it was closed down by then Mayor Sara Duterte, Emar’s was a top tourist attraction with its multi-million state-of-the-art wavepool, the first in Mindanao.BY ROGER M. BALANZA

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