Dead at Masonic cemetery can now heave sighs of relief

cemetery 2


The dead buried at the Masonic Cemetery on Padre Selga Street may now sleep in peace undisturbed forever after a developer decided to exclude the pre-war 4-hectare burial ground from a proposed memorial park.
The Davao City Council on Tuesday approved the request of Orchard Road Corporation to alter its development plan for its initial 8-hectare Orchard Road Memorial Park to exclude the Masonic Cemetery.
Living members of the Masonic Group had opposed the joint venture agreement  (JVA) with Orchard Road entered into questionably by some members of the group.
The Masonic Cemetery had also no clear land title prompting Orchard Road to abandon the JVA, Susan Cariaga, counsel for Orchard Road told the city councilors.
The JVA stirred a hornets’ nest in the Masonic community years ago following reports the cemetery would be developed as part of the proposed memorial park of Orchard Road.
The Masonic Cemetery is home to dead members of the Masonic Society. Many foreigners who lived in Davao during the pre-World War 11 days are buried in the cemetery. ROGER M. BALANZA

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