Warning: Never make fun of gays in Davao City



WHEN IN DAVAO CITY, don’t ever make the mistake of jeering at, insulting or making fun of the limp-wristed specie of the human race.
The Davao City Anti-discrimination Ordinance authored by then Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (now mayor) and approved by the Davao City Council in 2012, is in full force, and woe to those who would look down on men and women of the third sex and subject them to verbal abuse or slam the door on those applying for jobs.
Humans of the “other kind’  are listed in the local ordinance as among those to be shielded  against any form of discrimination by virtue of sex, creed or race. It strongly emphasizes protection against discrimination  of the marginalized sector like the tribal people, elderly, physically handicapped and, yes, the LGBTs ( lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders).
The ordinance covers a wide range of human activities where gays could be discriminated against including opportunities for employment.
Under the ordinance, the machos and the straight girls should be in equal footing with those from the third sex, to protect their rights under the equal opportunity clause of the Constitution.
Duterte has been openly supportive of gay causes, the support stretched up to his advocacy about easier entry of gays into the Philippine National police.
At one time he urged the police agency to abolish its perceived discrimination against gays in the force, saying that even the communist armed group New People’s Army has opened its doors to gay fighters. He was referring to the local community of leftist organizations (legal fronts of the communist movement, according to the military) who are openly gays, among them …..
Duterte however has admonished gays to tone down on their loud talks and giggles as they roam neighborhoods at night, over complaints of residents about being disturbed by the girlish guffaws even during wee hours. (Updated – Aug. 23, 2014)


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