Valencia City, Bukidnon bans expansion of pineapple, banana farms

PINEAPPLE PLANTATIONS. Cause of massive flooding in Bukidnon


VALENCIA City, Bukidnon– Blaming them for massive floods, the City Council has passed a resolution declaring a moratorium on expansion of banana and pineapple plantations.
No  matter if they contribute to the economy.
To be hit hard by the moratorium are large multi-national corporations  (MNCs) seeking permits for expansion for monocrop plantations.

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Author of the resolution Committee Chair on Environment Councilor Dr. Almer Alfonso said the measure to protect the environment and people is supported by the Association of Baranagay Council (ABC) which has passed a resolution against expansion.
About 3200 hectares—only a fourth of total number of hectares issued certificate of environmental compliance by DENR— are planted with bananas and pineapple and the MNCs are seeking expansion permits from the city council.
To put more teeth to the resolution, environment committee vice chair Councilor Glen Peduche has proposed an ordinance not to issue business permits to the MNCs.
Vice Mayor Azucena Huervas, known for her strong advocay on environmental protection, has proposed an ordinance requiring the companies to construct large catch basins to prevent floods.
The city councilors in declaring a moratorium also expressed fear of contamination of springs by deadly chemicals from the plantations.
Frequent floods in the barangays of Bagontaas, Sugod, Batangan, Kahaponan, Pinatilan, Maapag and Catumbalon are blamed largely on the monocrop plantations.

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