Tackling disasters in Davao City

    On June 29 last year, a killer flood swept through four barangays in the southern part of the city.
    When the bodies were countered, there were 34 people killed many of them children.
    What lesson did we get from this “isolated tragedy”?
    Preparedness and accepting the reality that areas like Matina and Talomo are flood-prone areas.
    But the June tragedy was more than the usual floods.
    On the night that the tragedy struck, a freak tornado dumped, according to weathermen, water with a volume of a month’s amount of rainful in that area.

    The sheer volume was too much for Matina River which overflowed to unleash deadly current that swept away houses and human bodies.
    The killer flood indeed was an isolated tragedy.
    But while the saying goes that lighting never strike twice on the same spot, the Matina tragedy could happen again given today’s abnormal weather and rainfall.
    Climate change is too complicated to be discussed. Put in simple terms, climate change means that we will have more flashfloods. On the tragic side, this means that we could have another of the killer flood that killed 34 people in June last year.
    Davao City has many flood-prone areas that could be another Matina Pangi in June last year where most of the dead victims were from.
    There is therefore logic in a proposal by the Cty Engineering Office that would require houses in flood-prone areas to have an additional second floor where people can run to safely if floods strike their area.
    While there is logic there, there is the fact that our river banks are heavily populated and that there  is an urgent need for the immediate relocation for this hapless, helpless and forsaken mass of humanity who stare at death day and night.

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