Duterte bares ‘mansion’ in Margarita Village


DAVAO CITY Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte knows that so-called anti-graft crusaders inspired by politicians are on his trail to ferret out his alleged ‘hidden wealth or property,’ that he said he does not have.
And he has put one over critics suspecting he could be hiding a mansion not listed in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN).
So he is leading them to one of his valued properties—more of value because it exists for a noble purpose—a house in middle-class Margarita Village in Bajada that he has donated for use by children with cancer and their families.
In the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program hosted by lawyer Geraldine Tiu on ABS/CBN, Duterte said the house has been donated to the government-owned Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and is now being used as temporary home of the stricken children and family members caring for them.



Duterte has assisted the establishment of the Kids of Hope that attends to children with cancer in a special ward inside the SPMC.
While some  patients come only for check-up and medication, many stay in the ward for long. The long stay causes inconvenience to family members attending to the patients as the SPMC has no sleeping quarters or other provisions for them.
This prompted him out of pity to donate the Margarita property to SPMC specifically to be used for the young cancer victims.
The house now serves as temporary home for the children and those attending to them while the patients are on the recovery period, said Duterte who adds that many of the families with cancer patients at SPMC  are indigents from the nearby provinces and have no home in the city.
Duterte said the Margarita house now serves as an extension of the cancer ward at SPMC where children who lost their limbs practice their newly-installed prosthetics.
Duterte said the house he bought at less than a million pesos years ago is now the property of the SPMC. I have already told my children that the property no longer belongs to us, he said.
Duterte said he has only one house. Those looking for a ‘mansion’ I own need only to go to Margarita Village to find one, he said.


One thought on “Duterte bares ‘mansion’ in Margarita Village

  1. di man gyud na ing-ana c Rudy. di na cya CORRUPT. I don’t know of any politician who is generous as Rudy. Generous ha not only in terms of giving Christmas gifts but in sharing his time. Kulang pirmi nag tulog kay cgeg monitor panahon kung dunay gubot, baha, or any criminality going on. kanang ubang politiko, sge ra nag tulog. naka-benepisyo na cla sa kalinaw sa Davao. tan-awa dagko nag tiyan. C Rudy dunay tiyan tinuod apan dili dako ug dili sab cya tambok. asa ka anang politiko nga sayon ra estoryahon. bisan ug sa dalan ug sa kapehan ug kon ma-meet ninyo atong vice-mayor, sus pagka maabi-abihon bisan pag wa ka mailhi.


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