Of Nogie, de Guzman, ghosts and zombies, and the fat goats of Artica Doom



Ex-House Speaker Prospero Nograles may now forget his claim he was cheated in the mayoral race in 2010 because in part ghosts and zombies crawled out of their graves on election day to vote for Mayor Sara Duterte.

The Supreme Court said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) voters’ list in Davao City is okay and has dismissed a petition filed by Nograles asking the High Court to order the Comelec to cleanse its voters’ list.

cartoon by RUBEN LAUDE

The Davao City elections are fun and entertaining—and dirty when it comes to mudslinging and smear assaults from protagonists—and always capped by sour-graping losing candidates like Nograles who would cry fraud every time he loses.

 The protest he filed on claims the voters’ list is peopled by pro-Duterte ghosts and zombies is but another one of post-election hangovers that Dabawenyos must accept with extreme tolerance and humor.

In his petition, Nograles had claimed the voters’ list was impregnated with ghosts and zombies who voted for Inday Sara and wanted the list exorcised of the ghouls.

In a six-page en banc decision, the SC has dismissed Nograles’ petition for being moot and academic.

The Comelec did already what it had to do prior to the May 10, 2010 local elections in Davao City, said the SC.

“Notably, three days before the elections, on May 7, 2010, the Comelec issued Resolution No. 8882, entitled Cleansing of The List of Voters Through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)…” the SC decision said.

The SC decision is the second debacle suffered by Nograles in so far as his protests are concerned about results of the 2010 elections where as the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives, the fourth highest and most powerful official of the land, he was miserably beaten in the mayoral race with  more than 220,000 vote margin by a neophyte politician, then Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, daughter of Rodrigo Duterte.

Nograles had earlier filed a protest before the Comelec for a recount of the votes. Nograles also lost the protest. In the final count of 100 ballot boxes —sample ballot boxes to justify a full recount—that Nograles himself picked from precincts where he thought Inday Sara got zero, results showed that the fourth highest official of the land also lost, miserably.

The 2010 elections was a sad celebration for Nograles’ political career, that overshadowed his being the fourth most powerful man in the country under the administration of the most-hated president former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He tried to salvage the tragedy after his third defeat in the hands of Inday Sara in the Davao City mayoral races by resurrecting his habit of protesting results of the elections, claiming he was —for the third time— cheated.

So far, he has  earned the enviable record as the country’s lone mayoral bet beaten with the highest vote margins and clobbered three times in as many elections.

Do we hear Nograles planning a fourth try in what could be what observers here say is a severe case of political sadism?

After the miserable loss in the 2010, he cried fraud, questioned the credibility of the country’s first automated polls and in a tale worthy of landing in the funny books alleged that the dead and zombies impregnated Inday Sara’s victory.

The loss in the mayoralty fight with a large margin is a reality that would have others raise the flag in surrender as soon as the counting is over.There is honor even in accepting defeat but Nograles refused to accept his fate.

To top off his vehement refusal to accept the electoral verdict, Nograles filed a protest alleging the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines, the dead and the zombies combined together in his political misery.

He wanted the proclamation of Inday Sara annulled and claimed he won the polls — a claim that was met by Dabawenyos with boisterous laughter that reverberated from the mangroves of Lasang, to the coastlines of Toril up to the mountains of farflung districts Marilog and Paquibato.

No matter how you look at the election, figures always come out as the central arguments in protests.

With nearly a million of the Dabawenyos voting, the verdict was clear: Inday Sara got 388,000 against Nograles’ 160,000 or a vote margin of 228,000 votes.

As we said, the Davao City elections are always colorful, with the Dabawenyos being regaled with the added bonus of black propaganda that almost always border on insanity mixed with a surfeit of humor; and post-election claims of fraud that could land in the funny books.

In the 2001 battle for mayor between come-backing Rodrigo Duterte and then sitting mayor re-electionist Benjamin de Guzman, the P300 million mothballed Artica Sports Dome, aka Artica Sports Doom, an unfinished  de Guzman project, was a central political issue.

Duterte launched a nightly assault on de Guzman on the campaign stage back-dropped with a large tarpaulin with the photo of the Artica with fat goats grazing on tall grasses at the front, and accused de Guzman of corruption in the project and joked that only fat goats benefited from it. What a laugh!

With Duterte skewering  de Guzman and Artica with his acerbic tongue peppered in language that would have moralists running for masking tapes to cover his mouth, you can just imagine how severe was the demolition of de Guzman. And how Duterte provided entertainment with his goat story to the thousands who troop to his campaign rallies every night! Hahahahaha!!!

De Guzman, badly defeated in the race, would later be the subject of a joke that he was partly defeated due to the goats of Artica.

Then came Nograles after the 2010 battle with Inday Sara, who claimed  that he lost the race because ghosts and zombies voted for Inday!

What would Nograles blame if he decides to run for the fourth time for mayor or for Congress in the first district in 2013 and then gets clobbered anew? Duterte’s Ilong Story about Nogie? What’s that?

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