DUTERTE reveals why ex-Speaker Prospero Nograles can never be Davao City mayor – HEADLINE – The Durian Post No. 108


As far as the business community in Davao City is concerned, former House Speaker  Prospero Nograles stinks and it would move heaven and hell or spend millions of pesos, just so Nograles would not be city mayor.
There are many businessmen who would spend money so Nograles would not win, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in the Ato ni Bay television program hosted by broadcast journalist Leo Villareal aired on SkyCable on Tuesday.
He said that in the 2010 election with Nograles battling his daughter now Mayor Sara Duterte in the mayoral race, three big businessmen offered to plunk in into his campaign kitty a large sum to ensure that Nograles is defeated.
He said he politely refused the offer, being then confident that Sara would win.

MOBBED EVERYWHERE he goes, the popularity of Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has never waned. Archpolitical foe Congresman Prospero Nograles is reported to be gunning for a fourth crack at the mayoral seat in the May 2013 elections, where he could possibly be facing Duterte for the second time. Nograles had lost three prior bids to capture City Hall from the hands of the Dutertes.
The local business community was apparently then edgy over a massive propaganda campaign launched by team Nograles that the former House Speaker would win the race hands down.

    When the dust of the battle settled down and the votes all in and counted, Mayor Sara Duterte won by a landslide, with a record-setting vote margin of 220,000 votes.
Reports say that Nograles would be taking a fourth crack at the mayoral seat in the May 2013 elections.
Dabawenyos turned down his mayoral bid in the fight against Duterte in 1992, against then Duterte political ally Benjamin de Guzman in 1998 and against Mayor Sara Duterte in the 2010 elections.
Vice mayor Duterte said his party Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod will still have to decide on whether he would seek reelection or run next year for mayor, the post that he held for 18 years.
He said he can not explain why Nograles could suffer the humiliation of political defeats and still go for another fourth debacle in 2013.
But he said he was sure of one thing.
The Dabawenyos and the business community simply do not like Nograles, he said.


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