Duterte on protests vs. Lady Gaga: “There are topless, bottomless foreigners in Davao beach resorts”




  Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte defended international pop star Lady Gaga’s “improper attire” during her Manila concert, saying there are worse scenes one can see in beach resorts in Davao.
jokerThere are foreigners there who are topless, even bottomless, said Duterte.

    The vice mayor was responding to a request for comment from media in the Ato ni Bay television program on SkyCable about Lady Gaga wearing a skimpy bikini in her concert at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City last week.

    A storm of protest marred the two-day concert with groups mostly from the Catholic Church holding rallies and marches in a bid to abort the concert.
 rody duterteThe Catholic Church is not the only church in the Philippines, said the vice mayor of this pre-dominantly Catholic southern Philippine city, hinting that Lady Gaga in skimpy concert attire may not be offensive to other religions. 
    Lady Gaga, like everybody else is entitled to freedom of expression and  has the right to freely express herself in her music, said Duterte.
    I don’t see anything wrong in her sense of fashion, said Duterte. I do not see any pornography there, he adds. Although the Lady Gaga concert in Pasay City is a two-hour plane ride away from Davao City, local Catholics are also protesting the concert on “moral grounds.” 
    Duterte said the ruckus over Lady Gaga only made her more popular and  lured more people to her Manila concert.



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