Davao City officials impressed by Herhof technology

Two Davao City councilors sent to Germany to study a waste-to-energy plant has come back with good assessment of Herhof.
Herhof has offered to handle the city’s garbage and would build a state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plant here under a Build-To-Operate arrangement.
Davao City has an estimated 600 metric tons of garbage churned out daily by its 1.4 million population.
Mayor Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the presiding officer of the city council, had allowed councilors Arnolfo Cabling and Marissa Salvador-Abella to go to Germany to observe the Herhof plant.
Abella and Cabling said they would make a formal report to the city council with their recommendation. The Herhof proposal needs the approval of the city council.
Abella chairs the committee on environment while Cabling is head of the committee on housing, rural and urban planning.
The herhof technology would greatly help our ecological solid waste management system, said Abella in her initial report to the council during a session recently.


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