DUTERTE’S ALL SOUL’S DAY ADVICE: Don’t disturb the dead with your lousy songs



DAVAO CITY – The dead entombed in cemeteries here will sleep the sleep of the dead when hundreds of thousands of people visit their graves  in celebration of All Souls Day on November 1.

There will no longer be loud singing in the cemeteries, an old practice that had to stop with police told to confiscate radios, videoke machines, stereo systems, etc, brought in by people visiting their dead.

The old tradition of Filipinos celebrating All Souls as a solemn day for visiting graves and praying for the souls of dead relatives is now passe.
The All Souls day celebration has taken on a festive mood: People bring food, drinks and videoke machines for the overnight vigil that could last up to the night of All Saints Day on November 2.

The noise disturbs the dead, said Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has banned videoke machines and radios in cemeteries on both days od prayer for the dead.

The dead are complaining to police about the noise, he joked on television days ahead of November 1.

He said policemen deployed in cemeteries—nine public cemeteries and several private memorial parks–to maintain peace and order would confiscate the machines. Duterte also said intoxicating liqour would no longer be allowed in including guns and knives and any kind of bladed weapons.


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