Davao City Vice Mayor Duterte defends RDL D’LEONOR inland resort

    DAVAO CITY Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has quelched potential rumors of shady deals in the Davao City Council’s action ON an inland resort established in Barangay Communal by a home-grown pharmaceutical giant, which operated before it can secure approval for reclassification of its 26-hectare resort.
The council has approved the land reclassification of D’Leonor Hotel, Inland Resort and Wavepool, without taking any action on the fact that the resort has been operating since May this year.
In the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa Sunday television program on ABS/CBN, Duterte, the presiding officer of the council, frankly admitted he swayed the councilors into giving their imprimatur to the application.
The resort is owned by the family of Leonora D. Lim of RDL Pharmaceuticals, which has placed Davao City in the map as a major producer and exporter of beauty care products.
RDL has branched into hotel and resort operations, with the Communal venture its second venture after the Emar’s Hotel and Wavepool in Times Beach, Matina Aplaya.
I told the city councilors that we should look at these investments more on their economic aspect and the employment they provide rather than their compliance to requirements, he said.
Duterte earlier had said that as a policy, the city council should assist investors in “legally” complying with the requirements, if approval of the application is stalled by lack of compliance to requirements of local and national agencies.
He said he pushed for approval of the D’Leonor application for a special reason.
The owners of RDL are Dabawenyos who made good in business,he said.





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