Noynoy guards shoo away Mindanesia ‘president’


From nuisance presidential candidate to self-proclaimed president of an imaginary island state he called Republic of Mindanesia and now a gatecrasher, Ely Pamatong is unstoppable in seeking media attention at every turn.

pamatong 2Presidential Security Guards shooed him away from a gathering in Davao City last week, as he tried to barge into a hotel where city mayors had gathered for a summit, to sell his idea of creating a Republic of Mindanesia out of Mindanao.

A lawyer who wants to carve out Mindanao as an island state for Christians with himself as its president, earned an unwelcome handling in Davao City last week, pushed out of a summit with President Benigno Aquino as guest.
            Ely Pamatong, who two weeks ago declared himself as president of the Republic of Mindanesia, was shooed away from the gathering of government officials that President Aquino was to address, to which he was not invited.
            Upon sight, members of the Presidential Security Guard


 asked Pamatong, who also had been declared as a nuisance candidate in the 2004 presidential elections, to leave Grand Regal Hotel where the Summit on Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation organized by the League of Municipalities of the Philippines was being held.
         The PSG also confiscated from Pamatong piles of pamphlets about his—-Republic of Mindanesia that he said he would distribute to the mayors attending the summit.
            Last month, Pamatong filed libel charges against Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, for allegedly calling his idea of a Mindanesia republic crazy, and Roger M. Balanza, Durian Post editor,  for an editorial cartoon that caricatured his idea. Pamatong would later withdraw the charge saying he would rather spend his time promoting his Republic of Mindanesia.

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