But only for young, not old,  cancer patients.

It is not that he does not like older persons, but Vice Mayor Rodrigo said picnics and city tours he plans for cancer patients are for young patients 15 years and below. No seniors please.

healing priests cancer patientHAND OF GOD. Healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez ministering his curing power to a young cancer patient at the House of Hope. KIWI BULACLAC

Duterte made this clarification as his office received queries if cancer victims who are senior citizens could join the tour. Last week, he announced a weekly event of beach picnics and eating binge for young cancer victims to make life for them easier to bear.

The senior citizens, he said, will have to stay home.

Why exclude the older patients?

JOKENINGThey have already seen the world. Their grandmothers would be angry at them for going around at their age, joked Duterte on television on Sunday. “It is the younger patients who need to be entertained.”

His co-host, lawyer Geraldine Tiu, in the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN asked if he could help a dying young cancer patient requesting to see the sights in Star City in Manila before he dies.

Duterte said yes and would raise money, but he said there could be a hitch: the trip needs a doctor and a nurse for company and airline policy could bar the patient riding a plane.

Duterte proposed instead Sunday picnics and tours for young cancer patients, at his expense.

But he said the events should be limited in the city and Samal Island, saying beach resorts would be the best places to spend the weekend parties.

You could see whatever sights you want to see. You could indulge whatever food you like. Just don’t ask me to get them to Hong Kong, he said. ROGER M. BALANZA



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