Rody warns of cuts in aid to local police

For what their chief did, the men should suffer.

            Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he may use legislative muscle to cut local government aid to the local police as he slammed PNP regional chief Pedro Tango for the arrest of a communist rebel during the Christmas ceasefire forged by the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front (NDF).
            He said the arrest of Edwin Brigano breached efforts by President Aquino on confidence-building with peace talk to start soon.
            Duterte spared Davao City Police Office chief Rene Aspera from his wrath, although the local police would be at the receiving end of the cut in subsidies.
            The local government provides gasoline, tires, spare parts, communication equipment and vehicles to the police, said Duterte.
            But if police, said Duterte in a statement directed at Tango, is incompetent and do not know what to do…then it could not expect aid from the local government.
            Duterte said he could cut the police aid even if he is now only the vice mayor.
            Even if they go to Mayor Sara Duterte, I hold the purse in the city council. It is us who decide on how to use people’s money, said Duterte, who is the presiding officer of the Davao City Council.
            While the cut in aid comes only as warning only Duterte, Mayor Sara Duterte last year disapproved a request by military to help fund its counter-insurgency operations in the city. 
            Mayor Duterte said the military approach to solving the insurgency boiled down to combat operations and she would rather use local government money for social services to calm down mass discontent that drives people away from government.


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