ALCOVER and how an idiot can become more idiotic




Making the idiots more idiotic

We were supposed in this week’s column to tackle the burning issue about Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Rody Duterte clashing over the appointment of lawyer Lyka Lopez as city administrator.

To temper down the brouhaha over the rejection of concurrence by the Davao City Council led by Vice Mayor Rody of Lyka’s confirmation which Inday Sara openly scorned, we were supposed to be suggesting unsolicited opinions.

Unfortunately, some idiots sent us mail that forces us to digress from our mission of contributing our centavo’s worth of suggestions.

We were supposed to dismiss the message of the idiots as hangovers from losers who cannot accept defeat—the idiots were Speaker Prospero Nograles’ lousy drumbeaters and campaigners during the May election—but it is mortal sin if normal people allow idiots to perpetuate their idiocy without being cut down.

We are speaking about the press release sent us by the minions of a fake Alsa Masa leader, a fake anti-communist representative of a partylist group in Congress, who from his room at the Nograles-owned Royal House hotel in Davao City, fired off during the election a dirty smear campaign about Rody and Sara being communists who do not deserve the vote of the Dabawenyos.

Despite this fakery and his partner, a retired general who was also embedded by Nograles in his campaign bench, Inday Sara drowned Nograles with a vote margin of 220,000 votes. Nograles’ running mate Ben de Guzman did not only drown in the election: out of 10 Dabawenyos, only 1 voted for him in the contest against Rody, buried in a tsunami of a defeat with a vote margin of more than 300,000.

Normally, persons of normal mental constitutions after being discredited fade out in shame to pass the time to recover their honor. But there are idiots who cannot accept perfidy and try in vain to perpetuate their idiocy to satisfy their greed for uncontested dominance in the world of the idiots.

The Durian Post doesn’t have space for names so very repulsive as to dirty its pages. So we will have this idiot and his idiotic media bureau remain phantoms. They are identifiable enough having been all over Davao City during the elections with their dirty tactics.

Here goes the idiot and his band’s press release:

The (blank) party-list has dared Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to ask the CPP-NPA-NDF to stop their continued widespread harassment, murders with impunity, and extortion activities to prevent further loss of lives.

The pro-democracy (blank) issued this challenge in response to the call made by City Mayor Duterte to the AFP in general and 10ID, PA, in particular, to immediately put an end to their combat operations against the NPA in Davao City, “to prevent further loss of lives”.

“This clearly shows that Mayor Duterte is supporting Maoist terrorism in Davao City. Her finger-pointing on the military as responsible in the deterioration of peace and order condition in Paquibato, Calinan, Malirog, and Toril Districts, all in Davao City, is more than proof of her alliance with the NPAs there,” said (blank) of the (blank) partylist.

“On which side of the political fence is Mayor Duterte with? Her silence and non-action against the presence of NPAs in these areas, where residents have already complained of unhampered harassment, intimidation, extortion of goods and money, and the series of killings there, proves her collusion with the enemies of our people and government,” (blank) added.

(Blank) chided City Mayor Duterte as “plastik!” when she reportedly gave P10 thousand to each of the four wounded 16th IB soldiers. In so doing, City Mayor Duterte-Carpio is dangling the city government’s support to the Army’s 1003rd Brigade in Davao City that she withdrew some two weeks back, said (blank).

“Despicable is her act against the military mainly because of the latter’s continued pursuit and positive advances against the NPAs in Davao City,” (blank) pointed out.

“Before anything else, she must first admit the fact that the financial support extended by the Davao City LGU to the military is peanuts compared to the hundreds of millions of pesos that the city government, from the time of her father – former City Mayor now City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and taken from the city’s Peace and Order fund, gave to the NPA led by Leoncio Pitao, aka Parago,”(blank) pointed out.

“It is high time that DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo must crack its whip against erring LGU officials who, instead of showing the way and working for the strengthening of our country’s democratic institutions and freedoms, are in collusion with forces committed to destroy government,” (blank) said.

End of PR.

Who would believe this idiot? This is the same old and worn-out line hurled at the Dutertes during the elections by this idiot. That this claim is pure, unadulterated garbage is borne by the fact that the Dabawenyos gave the Dutertes a resounding victory, despite this idiot and his lies.


Like a virgin

Holding positions of responsibility in government is not a walk in the park.

To be able to stand up to the demand and pressure of working for the public, a government official must not only have the proper credentials and qualifications but also the right attitude towards being a public servant.

Without being specific about them, these are the basic criteria that Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte spelled out when he questioned the appointment of lawyer Lyka Lopez as Mayor Inday Sara Duterte’s city administrator. Lopez has yet to get the concurrence of the city council as required by law which had been denied her when she appeared at the legislative body.

In the vice mayor’s perspective, Ms. Lopez’s credentials did not sum up to the requirements of the local government code that required that an appointive city administrator must have racked up a least 5 years in administrative or managerial positions in government.

According to Inday Sara, Lopez’s experience—plus the fact that she is a Career Exectuive Service Officer (CESO) and her appointment given the thumbs up by the Civil Service Commission—qualifies her for the job.

Fortunately a protracted debate between Rody and Inday Sara over Lopez may have become moot and academic. Inday Sara has recalled her previous issuance and has reappointed Lopez as acting city administrator that would no longer require a concurrence from the city council.

Be that as it may, it appears that Rody has other reasons than to merely shield Inday Sara against criticism she could have fumbled on her appointment of Lopez.

Rody may have seen some points in the persona of Lopez that could endanger the kind of friendly relations between City Hall and the public that he has established during his nearly 20 years as mayor.

He knows very well that the city administrator is the public’s direct link to the city mayor.  Of course we are not saying that Lopez could not deliver the goods. She is energetic, dedicated and dynamic like Inday Sara.

We hope she has ample space in her heart for that one word that Rody wanted to be the basic principle in running City Hall: openness.

We hope too that Lopez could learn the ropes as soon. She should know that whatever she does would reflect on Inday Sara.

The apparent rift between Rody and Inday Sara will have to go despite Lopez.

Rody and Inday Sara, it can be said, are also new in their jobs, them having switched positions. Okay, Inday Sara may have had short stints as acting city mayor in the past while Rody had at one time been vice mayor.

But all this could end well, if we have to hear City Hall press secretary Bong Aportadera.

Virgins need more foreplay before the high. The new arrangement in the local governance—like a virgin—needs tune-up before it could run like a perfect machine.

City Hall critics jubilating at the thought that the Inday Sara-Rody conflict could balloon into a protracted rift should take a cue from Aportadera.

Summing up the situation, Aportadera says: The new Inday Sara-Rody tandem is like a new machine. It will take some time before everything will synch and run smoothly.


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