Rody to take on role

as city’s top salesman


Even as Mayor Sara Duterte is still trying to craft her blue print for massive sales blitzes to lure foreign investors, her father Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is taking the issue by the horn: he is taking a long leave to do just that.

He would soon go abroad to link ties with foreign government units in sisterhood agreements as part of local efforts to sell Davao City.

Duterte said he will have an extended leave of absence to travel for two months to forge sisterhood agreements with Saipan, South Korea, China, Turkey and Palau.

Mayor Duterte earlier said her major thrust would be to strengthen efforts to sell the city abroad and has announced plans for trade missions in foreign countries.

She said previous efforts have been wanting, saying there is need for more aggressive marketing strategies to sell the city.

Her game plan involves participation in international fairs, noting merely waiting for investors to come should be replaced with the strategy of the city coming out to bring them here. She has reorganized the City Tourism Office and the Davao City Investment Promotions Center which were given the marching orders to conduct the promotion campaign.

At the Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa media forum last week, the vice mayor said his trips have long been requested by local governments of foreign countries since he was still the chief executive of the city.

He said these countries are very interested to forge trade relations with the city.

Duterte said the city is simply opening up avenues for future trade relations with other nations.

“It is a protocol duty,” he said pertaining to his leave of absence from legislative work.

Duterte said he still has to write host countries about his preliminary visit since he no longer has the power to sign agreements.

He said the Palauan president invited him personally to visit their country.

”I want to go to Palau with concrete proposals. I would like to honor these invitations and frankly, this includes relaxation from the madding crowd in order to unwind,” Duterte said.

He assured the city residents that he will use his personal funds in these travels and will not ask government to defray his expenses.


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