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Why not donate their own money?

It is sad how politicians—including those who are aspiring to be president or vice president of this benighted country—can use people’s misery to soap up their image.


Particularly, we are pissed off by Senators Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party candidates, asking the public to chip in donations for victims of super typhoon Ondoy.


Right down from the sidewalk vendors, everybody is sharing whatever they have to the donation box for the typhoon victims. It is human nature at play when tragedy strikes. No need for Noynoy and Mar to play hero by calling for donations and then gain points at the expense of the typhoon victims.
At the least, they become laughing stocks. At the worse, they bared their real intent: for them tragedies are political stuff than can be quantified into support for their political ambition. Heartless! 
Come to think of it. Noynoy and Mar have all the money they can spare to help typhoon victims. Coming from families of the super rich, they can dig into their pockets for donations, without resorting to the overly, overly over-acting motion of calling on ordinary Filipinos to chip in donations.
Already, Noynoy and Mar is being flagellated for their OAness. For example, Ed Malay, the head of the Center for Issues and Advocacies, said in his Facebook account: “Except for volunteers and or those who may want to lend them a hand, I don’t think it is right for Noynoy and Mar to be asking people for donations and or contributions. Why don’t they dip into their own pockets if they truly sympathize with the plight of our marginalized countrymen? Parting with your treasure without any regrets is a sign of true compassion. Kailangan ipakita mo muna na kaya mong magsakripisyo.”
Ed has legions to support this observation and one of them is Roy Ramos with this reaction: Aquino and Roxas pretend they have no money? Come on! This is a scam. They want the poor to finance their ambition? Disgusting.
These Facebook friends are correct. If they truly care for the people they claim they want to help, Noynoy and Mar should dip into their own deep pockets and share what they have for the victims of Ondoy.
We bet whatever they’re going to contribute, especially Mar Roxas, won’t dent their bank accounts, yet they seem to be reluctant in parting with their money.
Mar Roxas spent over P500 million in infomercials alone for his aborted presidential run, why can’t he spend even one percent of this amount to help his distressed countrymen if he really means his line “ramdam ko kayo”?
If he can spend millions of pesos for his upcoming wedding with Korina Sanchez for the sake of gaining media mileage, why can’t he start the ball rolling by donating a sizable amount just like what Don Emilio Yap of the Manila Bulletin did before calling for contributions for his newspaper’s relief drive?
We can only shake our heads as these two LP stalwarts, most especially Mar, try their best to portray themselves as “maka-mahirap,”  but betray what they really feel with their actions. “Ramdam ko kayo.” Oh, really?
Perhaps the reason why Mar’s infomercials failed to capture the imagination of the masa is because they could see right through his kaplastikan. Even the way he treats his partymates in LP betray how he really feels for “ordinary” people like us.
In fact, the other side of the LP faction, led by Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Lito Atienza, has been harping about the “elitism” within the LP under Mar’s leadership.
At the height of the LP intramurals, Atienza had complained that the LP’s woes stem partly from the fact that the other faction where Roxas belongs to are composed of elitist politicos who have nothing but contempt for LP members bereft of political pedigrees.
In short, Mar and ilk would have nothing to do with masa members of the LP, like barangay officials for instance.
Despite all his efforts to underplay his elitist background, first through his “Mr. Palengke” ads and later, through his “Ramdam ko kayo” and “padyak” infomercials, plus his “bakya” attempts to open his personal life to the masa via a televised pamanhikan and a church-hopping spree to choose a wedding venue for his marriage to TV celebrity Korina Sanchez, Mar always betrays his true colors.
Case in point: When the Atienza faction of the LP held a national convention at the Manila Hotel about three years ago, Mar and his stooges belittled the event by claiming that it was a pseudo congress because it was attended only by barangay officials. 
Does Mar mean that barangay officials are lesser mortals who do not deserve even his scant attention or to become members of the LP? Does he mean that if they couldn’t speak English with an Arneow accent or hurl invectives in Spanish, they don’t deserve to be treated like equals, much less as LP members? Que barbaridad!

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