Naked King David will not lose penis

SP okays Queensland reclamation

 king davaidThe Davao City Council yesterday endorsed without objection the illegal reclamation of a government property in the foreshore area of Matina Aplaya by Queensland Motel but wanted a third of proceeds if the reclaimed area and the illegal structures built thereon are sold or auctioned off.
The clearance effectively ends the battle of Teodorico Adarna, owner of Queensland, to keep the structures—a baywalk carved out of the foreshore area and the controversial 40-foot concrete replica of Michaelangelo’s naked young King David—intact.
The endorsement of no objection gives control of the illegally reclaimed area to the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), which is now processing legalization of Adarna’s intrusion in portion of the 24-hectare Recreation Area awarded to the Davao City government under Presidential Proclamation No. 20.
Councilor Victorio Advincula, chair of the committee on government real estate properties,gained yesterday a majority vote for his recommendation posing no objection to allow Queensland to keep its structures but asked PRA to wave its right over 30 percent from the proceeds of sale or auction of the illegal reclamation.
But the law appears to favor Queensland keeping its structures under government rules on illegal reclamation.
Advincula, in his committee report, said three options are open for PRA to dispose of the property, with Queensland having first priority to participate in bidding if the area is confiscated by government or is leased or rented out.
The options are: One, confiscation with Queensland reimbursed of its expenses in the reclamation works and the structures; Two,confiscation and sale of the property; and Three, confiscation and then renting out the area.
In the three options, PRA is entitled to 30 percent of proceeds, a share that Advincula wants transferred to the city government the area being under management of the local government under the presidential proclamation.
Advincula said Queensland could have first crack at the three options as PRA had already given Adarna the go-signal to apply with the agency and legalize its reclamation.
The baywalk and the controversial King David were constructed without permit from the local and government agencies, but the PRA took over control of the issue invoking its authority over management of reclamation areas.



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