Sex-video loving colonel under fire

Mayor Uy lashes at ‘Col. Porn’



Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy dished out this one-word expletive at a military official viewing porn on his laptop in the middle of a conference on peace and security held Thursday last week in the city.

Of all places, he had to do it there, said Uy, speaking of the Local Peace and Security Assembly called by National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales.

A television news crew captured the military official, identified only as a Col. Ramos, viewing a sex scene on his laptop while Gonzales was detailing the government’s anti-insurgency program before military, police and local government officials of the Davao Region.

Col. Ramos did the act on the first day of the assembly that was joined by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Friday last week.

Reports said that the military,  after news about the colonel’s misbehavior spread, would conduct an  investigation.

The colonel’s antic was subject of loose talks on the day he was caught prompting him to avoid attending the Friday assembly with the president as guest speaker.



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