Davao City 911 clone

Copycat Digos City to

create own 911 center


            Digos City is setting up its own emergency response center, the first city in the Davao Region to copy Davao City’s famed 911 Emergency Center.

            Mayor Arsenio Latasa said he is still looking for a name to pin on the project for a little bit of originality even as he admits he was inspired by Davao City’s 911.

            We are developing a concept for the project, that would be patterned after that of Davao City, he said.

            Latasa said he was inspired to copy 911 due to its effectiveness in responding to c crime incidents in Davao City that led to low crime rate.


5 thoughts on “Davao City 911 clone”

  1. Well that is a good idea. They can name it Digos City 911. The concept is being used western countries for decades now and davao got it from them. So why do you have to make your own concept. Goodluck digos city.


  2. they dont need to scout for a prolific ideasin other country.they got neighboring city who implemented such.the 911 of Mr. Duterte.if they(Davao) can Digos can do also.Good luck!


  3. By the way your paln is perfect for the EMS. This is only a sugestion you can name it DIGOS 911.

    Nice Mayor, kaya ba yan antin meron bang fundings ang local Govt natin ? Goodluck mayor Latasa na sa likod mo kami.

    Joker po @your service


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