Davao City dads dump “Free Misuari” resolution

polong duterte dayanghirang
VICE MAYOR PAOLO DUTERTE with councilor Danilo Dayanghirang at the Pulong-Polung ni Pulong media forum

Davao City councilors yesterday blocked a proposal for the court to temporarily release detained Moro leader Nur Misuari.

In shooting down the proposal, city councilors frowned on proponent’s request asking President Gloria Arroyo to use political muscle to give a brief liberty to the chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

         Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang  had proposed that Arroyo request the Department of Justice not to oppose Misuari’s lawyers asking the court to free Misuari to attend on-going peace negotiations.
            Misuari is detained at a police cell on rebellion charges for an aborted siege of a Lanao del Sur town three years ago. He had escaped to Malaysia where he was arrested by Malaysian police and turned over to the Philippine government to face the charges.
            Senior councilor Victorio Advincula, a noted lawyer, skewered the Dayanghirang resolution for legal loopholes, noting the councilor asked that Arroyo intervene in a court proceeding through the DOJ.

misuari 2

            Advincula also scored Dayanghirang for seeking temporary liberty for Misuari, which is taboo for respondents in an ongoing case. Practically giving Dayanghirang a lecture on legal processes, he said the court may grant “liberty” to a detained person for a limited period to attend to legal proceedings outside of the detention cell. He said the councilor was not specific about this requirement.
            The senior councilor’s explanation pushed Dayanghirang to backtrack and move to recall his resolution.
            The Dayanghirang proposal faced a brick wall as soon as it was proposed when councilor Tessie Maranon pointed out that Dayanghirang contradicted himself in two paragraphs of his resolution.
            Maranon noted that the councilor stressed in one paragraph about the separation of power between the State and the Judiciary, but in another sought to influence the court by asking the President to request the DOJ not to oppose Misuari lawyers seeking to temporarily free the Moro leader to attend the peace negotiations.
             Maranon apparently had a score to settle with Dayanghirang in yesterday’s session. Prior to her move to question the resolution, Dayanghirang had opposed a Maranon resolution asking Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to submit to the city council the city government’s Solid Waste Management Plan.
            Dayanghirang said the Maranon resolution was no longer necessary after councilor Leonardo Avila, chair of the committee on environment, informed councilors that the plan has been completed and about to be transmitted to the city council.
            Maranon pushed her resolution despite the Dayanghirang opposition, which earned a unanimous vote from the councilors. ROGER M. BALANZA

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