Dead drowning in Davao City cemetery


Davao City councilor sends SOS


            It may be an exaggeration, but a Davao City councilor has sent a distress signal for the dead buried at the Panacan Public Cemetery, whose tombs are drowned by perennial floods.

            Councilor Dante Apostol said the recent All Souls Day found him visiting the cemetery to be confronted with the watery graves.

            In a privilege speech at the Davao City Council on Tueaday, Apostol, former barangay captain of Panacan, begged City Hall for funds to rehabilitate the cemetery, where water during rainy days could rise to 3 to 4 feet.

            Apostol said All Souls Day was hell for people who visited dead kin buried at the cemetery, which at the time he visited was a sea of buried tombs.

            He admitted he had known of the plight of the dead since he was the barangay chair, but he could not help having no funds for improvement of the cemetery.

            I am appealing to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for help, said Apostol who later presented a resolution asking City Hall to allocate funds for the cemetery improvement to save the dead from their watery grave.  



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