By Maguayen Marino

People are speaking openly now about what was previously asked only in hushed whispers:

Is Davao City Rodrigo Duterte running for President in 2016?

Those speaking openly about Duterte’s possible candidacy in 2016 speak with a positively hopeful tone, for they well know the qualities of the man.

They know as well that whatever he promises he delivers, since Duterte is a man of his word.

His leadership qualities give Filipinos a reason to look forward to the future that they hope that Duterte would decide to run for president.

The Philippines has never elected a President from Mindanao.  The late President Sergio Osmeña was from the Visayas, the only president who is not from Luzon.

Duterte’s roots are deeply Visayan and the Visayas region has pledged support should he decide to make his bid for the presidency.  He is one Filipino who has evolved beyond the concept of regionalism to personally embrace and practice a deep awareness of being a Filipino who cares more deeply about the totality of the nation, and sees all Filipinos as one big extended family.

His awareness is well-founded, for out of the myriad nations and peoples on earth, there is only one Philippines and unlike some of it’s global neighbours does not have colonies scattered around the globe.

The Philippines does have over 7,000 islands, but locating it on the globe or map of the earth might evoke surprise or chagrin since geographically the Philippines is one of the smallest countries in the world.  Size doesn’t matter actually, and is a fair leveller since the Filipino’s deep empathetic nature and inexhaustible talent makes them the most in-demand professionals worldwide.

The Philippines’ natural and human resources are what inspired the popular description of the country as “The Pearl of the Orient.”

A pearl is a cumulative object of nature. It has symmetry, lustre, weight and beauty. If the Philippines is a pearl, then its people are more so, and Duterte is one of the rarest of the pearls.

He is a politician who consistently serves the greatest good.

He accomplished this as the Mayor of Davao City, and should he be elected to the highest office in the land, he will accomplish it as the President of the Philippines.

Dutertes’ record of public service speaks for itself, and it would be no small blessing to have for a change a President who is not long-winded and rhetorical, but speaks straight from his heart and straight to the point in terms that all levels of society can clearly understand.

He is all  do and less talk, and is far and away the best choice among the presidentables.

He is the Philippines best opportunity to break away from the institutionalized form of political structure that enriches the few and impoverishes the many.

 Beneath his tough-as–iron exterior beats a empathetic heart.

A heart that beats for the marginalized and poorest in society and the dignity of the entire Filipino nation.

More and more people are waking up to having Duterte as the next President of the Philippines.

With the miracles he has done in Davao City, Duterte’s local management expertise will be a big asset in running the country. Is there a politician today who has the skill and qualities fit to be elected President of the Republic of the Philippines more than that of  Rodrigo Duterte?

More the reason why every Filipino voice should be lifted in unison to proclaim that it is high time for Alma Patria Pilipinas to undergo a make-over; to create a Philippines that does not impoverish it’s citizens, but one that empowers them to reach their fullest potentials.

Rodrigo Duterte is the man for the Philippines’ future.

PBGEA donates ukuleles to Davao City public school

The Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) recently donated 15 ukuleles for Kinder to Grade 3 students of Don Francisco S. Dizon Sr. Elementary School in Bacaca Road Davao City.

Sharon Pechora, school principal, expressed the students’ and her gratitude to PBGEA for the ukuleles that will be used by 30 selected students in an upcoming district level music competition.

“Salamat jud kaayo sa PBGEA sa donasyon. Magamit jud namu ni sa among pag-practice para sa umaabot nga competition (Thanks to the PBGEA for the donation. We will use this during our practice for the competition),” said Pechora.

The four-string ukulele, a member of the guitar family, which originated in Hawaii as an adaptation of the Portuguese machete, plays a big part of the musical culture of Hawaii; some thought of it as a novelty instrument or mistook it for a toy guitar.

With the donation, ukulele-strumming teachers of Don Francisco S. Dizon Sr., Elementary School would be teaching ing the students how to play the instrument.

Stephen Antig, PBGEA executive director said, “students who could not afford such ukuleles will now have those instruments for their use, and I am truly inspired by these kids’ spirit and the school’s dedication of providing them with opportunities to play ukuleles because students tend to lose interest in music nowadays.”

Sometimes parents would come in and listen to their children play the instrument so they can learn together. Our students these days are learning to play ukulele as part of their classroom musical learning experiences, Ms. Pechora said.

Davao City As Philippine Model

You want a world-class Philippines? Here’s what you should do.

Look at what Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte is doing with his city, urge him to run for president, and then vote for him.

In its further bid to turn the City of Davao into world-class status, the implementation of the P108M underground utility cables system is going full swing.

Under the project, all utility cables and wires for telecommunications, electricity and other lines hanging in posts and dangling all around the city will be buried underground, and will be hidden from plain sight. The operation will be finished next month, in time for the start of the Kadayawan Festival on the third week of August.

So just like in the US, all cables or wires hanging in wooden or cement posts will be a thing of the past and will never be an obstruction anymore.

The project is presently being undertaken only within the vicinity of the Davao City Hall which serves as a mere pilot area, but will eventually be spread all over the city.

Observers say Davao City is a mere pilot area of things in store for the whole country, and that once Duterte runs and wins the presidency, the same projects will be carried out for the whole country.

In an Executive Order signed by Mayor Duterte, the Davao City Wires and Cable  (WAC) technical team was created to oversee and manage the underground cable project to coordinate with the Davao Light Power Co. (Davao Light) a subsidiary of the Aboitiz Power Corp. (Aboitiz Power).

The WAC technical team is comprised of members of the applicable government agencies concerned, private corporations affected by the project and other private entities.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, Arturo M. Milan, executive vice-president of the Davao Light said that the project was immediately implemented upon the approval of their application by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Banana Industry conducts free medical clinic for IPs

The La Panday Foods Corporation (LFC) and the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) in partnership with the local government unit of Hagonoy Davao del Sur conducted another free medical clinic for the indigent community of Sitio Camocaan on July 15, 2014 at the community court of the Sitio in Guihing, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur.

More than 700 people were given free medical assistance and services which include consultation, tooth extraction and medicines. A supplemental feeding program was also conducted.

Demetria Manggaga of Sitio Camocaan, together with her husband  and grandchildren, were among those who benefited from the clinic.
“ Maayo gyud ilang gibuhat dri sa amua, labaw na sa paghatag ug mga tambal. Akong mga apo ky nangasakit labaw na akong bana, lisud magkuha ug tambal sa hospital ky puno kaayo, naa higayon paulion nalang ka ug wala gyud kay madala na tambal.” (This medical mission is really appreciated here in the community, especially the free medicines. My grandchildren are sick and so is my husband and it’s difficult to get medical assistance from the hospital because they are already full. There were even instances where they just sent us home without any medicine.)
Hagonoy Municpality Mayor Franco M. Calida expresses his gratitude to La Panday and PBGEA for being the government’s partner in helping out the community. “This   has been a regular effort and the Indigenous People (IP) in the area really need this. Aside from the regular medical clinics, the banana industry has also put up a Day Care Center in the area.)
Mr. Hernani Geronimo, Head of the Strategic Human Resources Department of LFC shares, “We have been operating in this community for a long time and this is our home too. We want the community to have their basic health and medical requirements checked. It’s good to make sure that those in the community achieve a certain healthy physical well-being so they can be more productive. If the community is healthy and progressive then we achieve a certain degree of success as well. The local government unit cannot do this alone and they need all the partners they can get, and we are privileged to have been a major development partner of the local governement and Mayor Calida. “
PBGEA Executive Director Stephen Antig adds, “The success and survival of the industry rests on the health and well-being of the growers, the workers, the families and the communities that sorround the farmlands that protecting their health and well being is of utmost importance and central to our operations with the belief that quality of life is an important measure of business performance.”
Datu Ramil Morillo, Sitio Camocaan’s Tribal Chieftain acknowledges the shared effort of the company and the government. “Nakatulong gyud. Unta magpadayon pa ang partnership sa company ug sa gobyerno sa paghatag ug ing-ani nga serbisyo sa publiko. (This truly helped and we hope that the partnership between the company and the government continues to bring services like this to the public.)

Each year, the banana industry shells out more than hundreds of millions of pesos for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects/activities that endeavors to uplift and empower the local community.
The industry’s community development interventions are focused on the improvement of the quality of lives of all banana stakeholders and the general public through the following programs: health-related activities, medical/dental interventions including supplemental feeding programs and provision of potable water supply systems; environmental interventions; scholarship grants for dependents of workers; skills training and livelihood opportunities to augment household incomes; disaster prevention, relief and rehabilitation support service and assistance in times of calamities; and various infrastructure projects. 
More than three million individuals are dependent on the banana export industry for their basic needs and self-esteem. The industry also helps mould the future of two million children in Mindanao.
The banana industry in partnership with the local government unit of Hagonoy Davao del Sur conducted another free medical clinic for the indigent community of Sitio Camocaan on July 15, 2014 


 The banana industry wants to make sure that those in the community achieve a certain healthy physical well-being so they can be more productive. If the community is healthy and progressive then the industry achieve a certain degree of success as well. 


 A young resident of Camocaan happily clutching the free vitamins and new slippers that were distributed during the free medical clinic conducted by the banana industry.

LFC_Medical_Mission_July_15,_2015_(20)[1] More than 700 people were given free medical assistance and services during the medical clinic which include consultation, tooth extraction and medicines. The medical clinic was conducted by the banana industry . A supplemental feeding program was also conducted.

LFC_Medical_Mission_July_15,_2015_(25)[1] Each year, the banana industry shells out more than hundreds of millions of pesos for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects/activities that endeavors to uplift and empower the local community.





If it stages a comeback, the Magnitude 8.3 killer quake that hit the Davao Region and killed more than 500 people nearly a century ago would cause much heavier damage today in Davao City because of its population, geological foundation and physical development.

     On the whole, the quake would leave a swathe of devastation accross  the Davao Region.

Davao City has its 911 Emergency Central with expensive and  sophisticated disaster response trained emergency personnel.

Central 911 chief Emmanuel Jaldon said nobody is completely prepared to cope up with damage of a  major earthquake.

But ahead of any disaster, Jaldon said 911 is putting focus on community preparedness through conduct of awareness and education campaign.





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