Go, Galvez coast to big wins in JSAD Invitational Jet-Ski Racing Competition

BG2Veteran jet-skier Christopher “Bong” Go pulled off the biggest and dramatic victory as Bobby Galvez ruled the center-piece open category at the close of the 1st JSAD Invitational Jet-Ski Racing Competition on Sunday at the Sunset Beach in Samal.

Battling underdog by using much-lower horsepower ski and a hurting back injury, Go finished at the top of 4-Stroke 300hp stock category to run away with the championship in one of the most-coveted and hardly-contested class in the race.

Go, who maneuvered a Yamaha 260hp FZS SVHO with a maximum hp of 252 owned by Johnny Ng, took his seven youthful and seasoned rivals from Ormoc and Gen. Santos cities by surprise.

South Side Performance skipper Marchael Vient Buhisan, who reportedly used the ski he reportedly bought from national champion Paul del Rosario, settled for second place. Marcos Larrazabal of MPL Racing of Ormoc City placed third in the field.

The executive assistant of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who was suffering a painful back muscle strain entering the second day that needs him to take pain reliever and muscle relaxant, glided the waves and slithered the challenging curbs to win on a sizzling fashion.

Most of his opponents rode a 300hp ski that includes early favorites Joseph Allan del Socorro of MPL and CD Daquil of South Side who placed below far. 

Adding up to Go’s belt was the third place finish in the 4-stroke 260hp category which topped by Del Socorro. Buhisan placed second.

Sharing the spotlight was Bobby Galvez of SJSA-Gen. San who topped the Stage 4 Open class, a no limit horsepower category where most of the ski’s were modified.

Larrazabal placed second as Buhisan took his second third place finish in the two-day event which needed to hold the race under the scorching morning sun due to afternoon low tide.

Daquil, on the other hand, took his championship by topping the Slalom Race followed by Yanick Elnar of South Side and Galvez.

Ng, a standout of JSAD, participated in the slalom race in the first day but suffered a foot injury that prompted him to skip the other events.

Renette Militante of Stingray Davao won the All Ladies Class with Sky Diola of South Side and Trisha Mae Babila of JSAD settling for second and third place.

JSAD commissioned the Racing Line to manage the two-day race which came to a close without a glitch in all aspects, especially on the technical matter.

In general, the race was conducted successfully, affirming the Racing Line’s area of expertise in the field of race organizing. (Rico Biliran)


CITY HALL EXECS takes Game 1 in Execs vs. ABC 5th Conference

City Hall Executives held their ground in the rough plays of Game 1 and eked out an 84 – 78 win over Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) as the 5th Conference kicked off on August 29, Friday night at the Davao City Recreation Center Almendras Gym.

The Executive Oldies overcame the rugged and rowdy plays in the opening game of the new series – marked with an ABC player being rushed to the hospital for check-up after the game – to take a 1 – 0 lead.

      Christopher “Bong” Go ignored the on-and-off side skirmishes as the conference scoring leader poured in 27 points, including 17 in the first half.

      Michael Peloton banked in 18 points as Joseph Felizarta dropped 14 for the Executives Oldies who extended its winning streak to seven after tasting their only defeat in 18 games.

      Glen Escandor was hit in the left eye in the third period where the spot-up shooter scored 8 of his total 12 points. The business-sportsman was clearly distracted by the hit in the eye as he went scoreless in the final period.

      Arnulfo Apostol top scored with 18 baskets for the village chiefs who lost the opening game of the series in all conferences.

      Rolando Bantayan, who was ABC’s scoring leader in the last five games, made 14 points.

      ABC forward G. Culaste and Barredo collided badly as they dashed for loose ball that left the former in a bloody nose.

      Culaste was rushed to the hospital after the game for a series of test on his sustained injury.

       The Executive Oldies were leading most of the game but the village chiefs stayed within the striking distance.

      Go, who converted nine points, and the rest of the gang took a 24 – 19 lead after the first period. (Rico Biliran)

THE ABU SAYYAF GROUP whose senior leader Isnilon Hapilon has pledged  allegiance to ISIS, in video uploaded on YouTube.

MILF: Abu Sayyaf, BIFF joining ISIS not a threat

luwaran.com editorial logoThe report that some 100 elements of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and so-called Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement (BIFM) have travelled to the Middle East and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is very unlikely.

The MILF has no verified report about it. In our view, there is more loss than gain for the two groups in joining the ISIS.

For us, the threat is not in the two groups’ joining the ISIS. Their number is too tiny to be felt and make a difference. The ISIS is overflowing with volunteers from all over the world, including those from the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.

The threat really comes from the extremism espoused by the ISIS. Ideas are contagious and infectious. Wild ideas are attractive to those who want adventures and pre-occupied with hatred and revenge. The ISIS, we suppose, is not short of people who are like those Europeans who joined the Crusades in the 13th century to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims, who were described as “infidels” by Christendom.

The MILF condemns barbarism and savagery whether done by other groups including the ISIS or even by its own members. Neither are we justifying the advent of the ISIS. That is not for the MILF to dip our fingers into. But it is a fact that the Arab countries suffered humiliatingly from the evil machinations of Western countries. Iraq was invaded to get rid of a dictator, Saddam Hussein, and to seize his nuclear weapons, which were not there. Nobody cried for the ouster and death of Saddam. But the real reasons for the invasion were concealed, i.e., to seize control of the Iraqi oil and as a protection for Israel, which is the spoiled brat of the Western world. What did the Iraqis get in return? Nothing, but bloodshed, destruction, anarchism. Who are at fault? The one that created the troubles now or those who planted the seeds of enmity and violence? The answer is, both, but who is the main culprit?

Relatedly, it is to be admitted that the process to make real the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is its defining moment. The BBL has already been submitted, not just to the Office of the President (OP), but on August 20 to President Benigno Aquino III, who is expected to review it in the light of the letter and spirit of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and its four Annexes, plus the Addendum on the Bangsamoro Waters.

We don’t doubt the President will exercise his powers of review diligently, fairly, and fully conscious that the BBL should and must address a problem, the Moro Question, and put it to rest forever. This is our conviction.

In short, what we mean is that the BBL we envision is one that complies with the flexibility of the Constitution and, more importantly, one that will lead to the resolution of this question. Short of this, the road ahead is not easy to contemplate on.

It is this high hope for the passage of a good BBL and the fear for not being able to realize it for whatever reason that the ISIS’ virus is much to be feared. Surely, the current leadership of the MILF, which is matured, experienced, and reasonable — and has done and is doing everything feasible to succeed in this peace undertaking — will no longer be in control of everything. Frankly, it is the power, moderating line, and influence of the MILF that hinders the birth of a truly strong radical group in Mindanao. Without the MILF, it would be free-for-all in Mindanao. God forbid!

Execs grabs 4th Conference championship in Exec vs. ABC series

sir-bong1exec-vs-abcCity Hall Executive Oldies affirmed their supremacy over Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) with an 83 – 82 win in Game 4 to sweep the 4th Conference best of seven series 4 – 0 at the Davao City Recreation Center Almendras Gym on Tuesday night.

      The Executive Oldies proved to be the better team in crunch time, playing with great resolve, as they pulled off a down the wire victory to close the series with style.

Shooting-buddies Christopher “Bong” Go and Glen Escandor delivered the crucial blows down the stretch for the Executive Oldies who never loss a series against the ABC.

Go, who finished the game with 34 points, made the go ahead basket at the foul line, hitting two crucial free throws that gave the Executive Oldies an 83 – 82 lead with four seconds remaining.

      Roger Galido, who ironically fouled Go that sent the series leading scorer at the foul line, had the chance to turn the fortune of the village chiefs but his shot went off.

      The Executive Oldies closed out the series in the same way they did in the first and second conference where they went 4 – 0. Third conference was nearly alike which ended 4 – 1 with the ABC winning Game 3.

Rolando Bantayan paced with 23 points for the ABC who gave all out but once again fell short in the end.

      The village chiefs were in a good situation to extend the series as Notnot Yap converted a lay up to put the ABC at the driver seat, 82 – 81, under 10 seconds to go.

      But haplessly for them they fouled the penetrating Go that turned things around against their favor.

      Escandor banked in 21 points, including a late three pointer that gave Executive Oldies their first lead since midway of the second period at 81 – 80.

      The village chiefs were leading all throughout marked with a 66 – 58 advantage entering the pay off period.

ABC came out with a bang, taking a 26 – 16 lead, at the end of the opening period before the Executive Oldies rallied back to cut the deficit, 39 – 44, at the break. (Rico Biliran)





Davao edges Digos in Battle of the Executives

cmo_dvo-22BATTLE OF EXECUTIVESThe Davao City Executives turned back Digos City Executives, 97 – 84, in a friendly basketball match on Monday at the Davao City Recreation Center Almendras Gym.

      Christopher “Bong” Go put a brilliant game finishing with double-double as the sweet-shooting guard pumped in 35 points on top of 10 assists to lead the way for the Davao Executives.

      Go was on fire right from the opening tip, erupting for 17 with baskets from different variety- floaters, fall-away and   pull-up jumpers, running jump shots and from behind the arc.

      Davao Executives wrapped up the first period with a 16 points lead, 35 – 19, and dictated the tempo of the match en route to victory.

Glen Escandor backed Go up with 13 points as Gil Ciudadano joined the scoring bash with 12.

      By the time the third period ended, the Davao Executives were leading by 18, 78 – 60, and were never threatened anymore the rest of the way.

      Cabrera paced with 22 for the Digos Executive squad led by Mayor Joseph Peñas, Digos City Hall department heads, chief of police from various Digos police precincts and personnel from the Bureau of Fire Protection

      Next friendly game is set on September 8 in Digos City. (Rico Biliran)


City Hall Execs snags win No. 33

BONG GO ESCANDORibpCity Hall Executives rolled to their 33rd win against IBP Davao with a big win, 72 – 58, on Monday night in the City Hall Executives-IBP Davao yearlong friendly series at the Davao City Recreation Center Almendras Gym.

Christopher “Bong” Go came through with 34 points as the Executives notched another win that came for the first time in a double-digit margin.

Most of the games in the series were close with the outcome frequently decided within the final two or three minutes remaining.

IBP Davao won nine times in 42 games in the series that aims to help the Davao lawyers prepare for the IBP Mindanao Convention Sports Palaro and for their title-retention bid in the IBP National Sports Palaro Men’s Basketball.

            The yearlong friendly series would rally round IBP Davao to fine-tune the kind of game it wants to play on defense formation and offensive execution on its quest for a back-to-back title.

The tight matches considerably would help out the Davao lawyers get their act together in clutch situations and develop their ability to close out games.

            On Monday, the IBP Davao was limited to 11 points in the final period way below to their usual output in the previous outings.

            Adrian Paguican, who scored a combined 14 baskets in the second and third period, made only 2 points in the final canto. Gil Ciudadano had 12 points with eight of which came in the first half.

            The imbalance offense of IBP Davao in the final half shut their chances out to turn things around.

Warren Cloribel and Mike Rosal contributed 12 points apiece for the Executives who got 10 from Joel Abillera. (Rico Biliran)

Oldies rout BJMP for 4th straight win

City Hall Executive Oldies bucked a slow start and the absence of their second leading scorer to whip BJMP, 102 – 91, in the ongoing 2014 IBP-CMO Basketball Tournament on Saturday, August 23, at the Hall of Justice Covered Court in Ecoland.

The Executive Oldies went into scoring surge bridging the second and third period behind their three points shooting to break loose en route to their fourth straight win and remain solo at the top of the standing.

Christopher “Bong” Go nailed six triples while Michael Peloton converted four in the third canto alone as the Executive Oldies took an 85 – 58 lead entering the pay off canto.

Go, the team’s leading scorer, wrapped the game up with 44 points, including 23 in the final half.

Peloton, who stepped up in the absence of spot-up shooter Glen Escandor, converted a total of five three pointers to finish the game with 19 for the Executive Oldies who got 14 from Eugene Labor and 10 from Warren Cloribel.

BJMP came out strong early, leading the entire first period which ended 19 – 17 on its favor.

     But the Executive Oldies erupted with barrage of baskets from all angles in the second period to take a 47 – 31 lead at the break.

     Go and the rest of the gang continued to pound in the third period to enter the final frame with a secure advantage.

Lanzuela paced with 20 points for the Jailmen who drew 17 from Eyao.

     In the other game, IBP Davao Oriental pulled off a shocker as it upset IBP Davao, 95 – 90, in the second game of the triple bill, that saw Team Judiciary defeating IBP Davao Del Norte in a high-scoring encounter, 113 – 106.




Investor eyes reclamation of Sta- Ana-Times Beach foreshore in Davao City


A foreign investor has proposed to the Davao City government a reclamation project covering foreshore areas that run from the Sta. Ana Wharf in the Sta. Ana business district to Times Beach in Matina Aplaya.

p6 (2)The multi-billion peso project – that could involve hundreds of hectares of reclaimed foreshore area — is among three big-ticket proposals that would convert Davao City’s beachfronts into a veritable goldmine of commercial establishments standing on premium lands recovered from sea.
With spaces for buildings becoming scarce in the downtown business districts, the reclamation project could provide more elbow rooms for new business.

isidro undabCity Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he has tasked Davao City Third District Rep. Isidro Ungab to discuss the project with President Benigno Aquino. Ungab has the ears of the President, said Duterte. Ungab is the chair of the powerful House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations.

Big-ticket projects

 Davao City Investment and Promotion Center (DCIPC) officer Ivan Cortez said the proposal would be studied along with two other similar projects that zeroed in on the 9-hectare portion of the 123-hectare coastal village of Isla Verde, where a massive fire gutted down more than 2,000 houses early this year.
As City Hall grappled with the tragedy of relocating the displaced homeless urban poor fire victims or assist them in rebuilding their homes in the burned area, a Malaysian investor offered to develop Isla Verde into a commercial area with housing amenities for the fire victims.

 Ready with millions

 Another investor had offered a similar proposal on Isla Verde, said Cortez in a media forum.
Cortez did not, however, identify the investors.
But in an earlier edition of his weekly television program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa, Mayor Duterte revealed a Malaysian investor that he also did not identify wanted to develop Isla Verde into a commercial venture.
 The three investors are willing to pour billions of pesos into the project, Cortez said in the Kapehan sa Dabaw media forum.

Public-Private Partnership

The Sta. Ana – Times Beach reclamation project if pushed through could be implemented under the government’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program where a local government enters into partnership with an investor who finances a development project without cost to the local government.
In a reclamation project, the local government gets a share from recovered lands or from proceeds if the lands are sold.
Duterte also earlier said any development project in the 123-hectare Isla Verde needs presidential approval, the area having been declared a habitation area in a proclamation issued by  former President Joseph Estrada.
He said Isla Verde must first be reclassified as a commercial area before investors could come in.
 In subsequent interviews, Duterte said he had tasked Third District Rep. Isidro Ungab to carry a letter to President Benigno Aquino about the local government’s plan to reclassify Isla Verde into a commercial area.

The land is for the poor

Duterte raising to Malacanang the issue of the reclamation project and conversion of Isla Verde into a commercial area, is a reversial of an earlier position.
Duterte earlier said he is taking the side of the homeless against an offer by a Malaysian investor to develop the coastal village razed to the ground by the massive fire in April.
        Duterte has ordered victims of the fire that displaced more than 2,000 families to build their new homes on the spot where their houses stood before the fire that swept through three coastal barangays in Quezon Boulevard.
        This despite the proposal of a Malaysian investor which proposed to reclaim the area for a P3 billion property development project.
        In the project, the Malaysian investor would develop the property abutting the 50-hectare Chinatown into a commercial area.

People’s Park

        This would have been the second time that Duterte junked a proposal to convert a premium city government property into a veritable goldmine by selling to investors.
        In the early 90s, Duterte also turned away a billion-peso offer by a big name Manila property developer to buy the 8-hectare Tomas Monteverde Sports Center (aka PTA Stadium).
        The prime property at the heart of downtown is now the P500 million People’s Park, a public park that has become one of the city’s major tourist attractions.
        Other than prioritizing the area for the homeless urban poor victims, Duterte’s hands are also tied by two presidential proclamations that frowned on selling the property to investors.
Presidential Proclamation 85 of former President Estrada and Proclamation 2114 of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, declared the area as human settlement and parks and playground area.
Duterte then said the proclamations needed to be amended if the area is to be utilized for other purposes.
The city government has approved P60 million for land development and rehabilitation and assistance to the victims of the worst fire to hit the city in decades.
mindanao investment

BUSINESS BEAT: ‘Most competitive cities’ to boost Mindanao economy

joanna-balanzaMindanao’s investment climate was expected to gain headway with the inclusion of several Mindanao cities in the list of ‘most competitive cities.”

The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) in its 2014 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) survey has listed Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City as among the country’s most competitive cities.

Other local government units (municipalities) in Mindanao that landed in the list are Nabunturan in Compostella Valley, Isulan in Sultan Kudarat, Polomolok in South Cotabato and Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon.

“This recent ranking will definitely provide a favorable investment outlook for the entire Mindanao,” said Undersecretary Janet Lopoz, Mindanao Development Authority (Minda) executive director, in a report in the Davao City daily Edge Davao.

Lopoz said results of the survey show that investors are not only bullish about Mindanao, but sees the island-region becoming a crucial investment option in their radar screens.

She also pointed out that the recent ranking is a testament of the transformation and development of the island in recent years.

“Our vision for Mindanao is to transform the island-region into a dynamic economy that is enjoying inclusive, balanced, and sustained growth in the next 20 years.


Davao City and General Santos City need more infrastructure to become transshipment hubs in the East Asean Growth Area (Eaga), said Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Sec. Gregory Domingo.

Due to their strategic location, Davao City and General Santos City have the  potential to become a transshipment hub in the Eaga sub-region, covering trades to and from Northeast Indonesia, East Malaysia, Brunei, and West New Guinea including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam,” said Domingo in his speech at the  National Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Summit in Davao City.

But Domingo said that there is a need to pour in more investments in infrastructure like improving port facilities.

Investors’ Guide

The Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC) will establish an advisory center to guide new investors, said its chief Ivan Cortez.

DCIPC is collaborating with the  Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 11 on the project, he said.

P14.7-B investments

The Bureau of Investments (BOI)-Davao Extension Office has registered 13 new investments worth P14.7 billion from January to June this year.

The investments were spread out in  Davao Region, Agusan del Norte, Surigao City, North Cotabato, and South Cotabato.

Investment areas include transportation and storage, real estate, agriculture, electricity, manufacturing, food processing, renewable energy, and tourism facilities.

ICT gab

The 6th Summit of National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) will be held in Davao City on October 24, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center Davao at SM Lanang Premier, said NICP chair Wit Holganza.

Holganza said this year’s summit will be staged alongside with the 2014 Brunei -Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines/ East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-Eaga) and Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Trade Fair and Business Leaders’ Conference on October 23 to 26, 2014.

She said the summit will be attended by about 400 delegates from ICT councils in the Philippines and member-countries of the BIMP-Eaga.



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