Presence of foreign visitors shows ‘all is well in Mindanao’
By Lilian C. Mellejor

DAVAO CITY, Oct. 23 (PNA) — Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday criticized foreign travel advisories issued against traveling to Mindanao, Davao City in particular, for lack of sufficient basis as he urged participants of the 2nd BIMP-EAGA–IMT GT Trade Fair and Business Leaders Conference to draw their conclusions on the real situation of the city.

Duterte exulted the holding of the business conference in the city, saying the presence of foreign and local visitors sends a strong message internationally and nationally that “all is well in Mindanao,” Duterte said.

“This conference and trade fair proved that issuance of travel advisories lack sufficient basis,” Duterte pointed out, voicing his displeasure on censuring Mindanao from foreign sources in relation to peace and order.

Duterte delivered a short but strongly-worded welcome speech before some more or less 1,000 foreign and local delegates during the opening of the four-day 2nd Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) and the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) conference held at SMX Convention Center Davao Thursday morning.

The BIMP-EAGA–IMT GT is a subregional cooperation initiative mainly to promote socioeconomic development in selected subnational focal areas in ASEAN.

It also promotes and facilitates intra-and inter-regional trade and investment, especially in the agriculture and agro-industrial sectors, and tourism through increased cross-border business linkages, improved physical and institutional connectivity, sustainable environmental management, and strong institutional linkages.

The mayor urged participants to visit Davao City and draw conclusions only after they have experience what Davao is.

“There is law, there is order,” he said. The line drew applause from the participants. He went on by inviting them to savor the hospitality of the city.

“Move around. Do not confine yourselves in the barracks. There is time to work…time to play…time for sightseeing…time to say hi…time to say goodbye…time for everything,” he added.

Duterte said the business conference and trade fair is also a good “time to make friends, renew acquaintance and enjoy each other’s company”. (PNA)

ramos duterte 2


Are they going to talk about politics? About the 2016 presidential elections? About Rody Duterte running for president?

And the most titillating question is this: Will Ramos be supporting the Davao City Mayor’s presidential bid?

Former president Fidel V. Ramos is meeting with Mayor Duterte in Davao City within the week.

Mr. Ramos will be attending  the 2nd BIMP-Eaga Trade Fair and Business Leaders’ Conference.

Mayor Duterte said the meeting was requested by Mr. Ramos but he has no idea what would be the subject of their discussion.

binay begging

Aquino dumps Binay plea to stop Senate probe


aquino 3 Talk to the Senators.

This was reportedly the advice of President Aquino to Vice President Jejomar Binay during a private meeting where the embattled Binay asked the President to stop a Senate investigation into alleged corruption Binay committed as Makati City Mayor.

     Aquino, earlier accused by the Binay camp as having instigated his allies in the Senate to probe Binay, confirmed the meeting in Malacanang on Tuesday night.

Aquino said during the meeting Binay asked him if he (Aquino)  could talk to his allies in the Senate about the ongoing blue ribbon committee investigation.

Aquino said he told Binay to himself talk to the Senators.

The President said he assured Binay that he will be afforded his right to due process in facing the corruption accusations.

“What I told him was this: We will not countenance anybody manufacturing evidence against you. We will try to keep all the processes on a very professional level,” Aquino said.


Vice President Jejomar Binay is unfazed by the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey that wanted him to face the Senate to answer allegations of corruption he allegedly committed as mayor of Makati City.

The SWS survey on Sept. 26-29 had 79 percent of 1,200 Filipinos polled agreeing that Binay should appear in the Senate inquiry.

Binay’s camp said the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee probe is a “farce” and the Vice President will not dance with the sentiment of the people sounded off in the SWS survey.

The Vice President would rather go directly to the people to air his side, said Binay’s camp following release of the SWS survey.

Binay would not attend the “farcical proceedings” of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee because its inquiry was “not in aid of legislation but in furtherance of political persecution, said Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, Binay’s spokesman

“It would be futile for the Vice President to dignify such farcical proceedings and subject himself and his family to ridicule,” Remulla said in a press statement.

Former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado is at the core of providing evidence to the Senate probe on the alleged corruption by Binay, his wife former Mayor Elenita Binay and his son, incumbent Mayor Junjun Binay.

Mercado, now under the Witness Protection Program of the Department of Justice, has told the Senate probers that the Binays fleeced 13% commission from Makati City projects. He also said the Binay family owned the 350-hectare Binay Hacienda in Batangas.

Remulla said Binay had already been prejudged by the Senate subcommittee and pointed to the way its members—Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV—had been unfairly conducting the inquiry.


House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said  Vice President Jejomar Binay should not be afraid of attending a Senate probe into his wealth and his transactions as a mayor of Makati City years ago.

Binay, according to Belmonte, will have defenders if he enters the lions’ den to face his inquisitors,

He would be surrounded by his allies, including his daughter Senator Nancy Binay, he said.

“For me, the Vice President has many adherents in the Senate, there are many who are for him there,” said Belmonte. He however did not name Binay’s supporters in the Senate, other than Senator Binay.

 “My advice is for him to go ahead and appear in the Senate. That’s the best way to respond because a great number of people are not happy about his decision not to appear,” said Belmonte.

Appear! Appear!

cayetano trillanes pimentelAbout 79 percent of Filipinos think Vice President Jejomar C. Binay should face the Senate and answer allegations of corruption thrown against him and his family, the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results revealed.

The nationwide survey conducted last September 26-29 among 1,200 respondents found that eight in 10 Filipinos or 79 percent agree that the embattled Vice President should answer corruption allegations before the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee hearing.

speed gun

12,000 speed limit violators arrested in Davao city

The composite special task force implementing the Davao City Anti-speeding Law has arrested nearly 12,000 violators this year.

The Anti-Speeding Law has set 30kph, 40kph and 60kph in specified city roads under Executive Order No. 29 issued by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The EO created the special task force composed of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), Traffic Management Group (TMC), Land Transportation Office (LTO), and the Land Transportation Franchising Board (LTFRB).

Duterte issued EO 39 as part of campaign against abusive drivers.

LTO-Davao Operations Division chief Eleanor S. Calderon said intensified operations against speedsters are ongoing.

City Hall has bought a number of speed guns used by traffic enforcers to monitor violations.

Penalties for violation of the Anti-Speeding Law could go as high as P5,000  and revocation of driver’s license of repeat offenders.





Mayor orders total ban vs trikes on highways

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ordered a total ban against passenger pedicabs and motorcycle taxis (habal-habal) plying national highways after the fiery death of two people in a vehicular accident in Sirawan, Toril.

pedicabsPedicabs and habal-habal are already banned by law on highways but are popular forms of transport in Toril. In delivering passengers to hinterland villages, the vehicles must also traverse the national highway.

     Dozens of people have already died in accidents in the highways even as authorities keep a tight watch on violators of the ban.

     In the latest accident captured by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) of the Public Safety Command Center (PSCC) installed in the area, a pedicab rammed head-on into an approaching bus and burned in flames killing its driver and passenger.

Duterte said he wants hard-headed pedicab and habal-habal drivers shot to death by authorities if they violate the ban and violently challenge their authority to impose the law.

Duterte said traffic officers may shoot down violators who resist and put lives of the enforcers at risk.

He said he would provide legal help to the traffic enforcers if needed.

Duterte said he is imposing the harsh policy because the drivers place people’s lives at risk by illegally operating in the national highways.


CCTV owners warned vs. ‘suppression of evidence’


imagesEstablishment owners who refuse to turn over to police authorities video footages that captured crime in their area through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras could be accused of suppression of evidence.

     At worse, they could also be charged as accessory to the crime, said Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

     A Davao City  ordinance mandates that business with capital of at least P3 million should install CCTVs in their establishments.

     Duterte said businesses which refuse to cooperate with police in the solution of the crime by turning over the video footage could face harsh sanctions from City Hall.

     We will revoke your business permit, he said, addressing business owners who refuse to cooperate with police.

     Duterte gave the warning after reports of some business owners refusing to turn over video footage to police investigating a crime in their establishment.

I am talking as a lawyer not a mayor. There is a law requiring business establishments to have CCTV camera to help prevent or minimize crime, Duterte said.

Because of your refusal to turn over the footage, you become an accessory to the crime. And because you are an accessory to the crime, you are also a criminal, so I will have to close down your business, Duterte said.




Duterte’s choice: Inday Sara for Mayor in 2016


inday front pic picIs Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte prepping up for the 2016 race to Malacanang?

     This question has been making the rounds as Duterte said of late that he wants daughter Sara “Inday” Duterte-Carpio to be the next City Mayor.

          Inday Sara, married to lawyer Mans Carpio, was Vice Mayor from 2007 to 2010 and City Mayor from 2010 to 2013. She did not seek reelection after a single term but has not closed the doors on a return to politics.

     Speculations are rife that Duterte leaving the mantle of local political leadership of the Dutertes to Inday Sara in 2016, is a sign the mayor could be preparing for a higher position in the next election.

     Duterte is being pushed to run for President in 2016 but he hasp3 (1) persistently said he is not interested in the top post.

     An ongoing signature campaign to convince him to run has already netted more than 10 million signatures.   

Duterte has said he wants to retire by 2016 and disowned the “Duterte for President Movement,”  the group spearheading a signature to convince him to run.

The group said it has netted nationwide more than 10 million signatures to convince Duterte to run.

I intend to retire, that’s why I’m asking Inday to run as mayor again, he said.

Duterte said Inday Sara proved herself to be a leader when she was the city mayor.

Some quarters say Duterte opting to see Inday Sara taking his place in 2016 meant he could be clearing an obstacle for a presidential run by not seeking a mayoral reelection.



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